About company

Scope of activities:

  • Automation of education processes;
  • Development of training and knowledge assessment systems;
  • Development of computer simulators.

Over 80 Russian educational institutions use our software to train and educate skilled personnel.

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Team of developers
Name: Akhmadeev Fanil Ismagilovich
Title: CEO
Education: KAI (Kazanskiy Aviation Institute), Department of computer-aided design system (Department of cybernetis)

Name: Petrov Mikhail Yurievich
Title: Technical Director
Degree: Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, PhD, in Computing mathematics

Name: Pavlov Aleksandr Sergeevich
Title: Programming engineer

Name: Malisheva Albina Fanilevna
Title: Programming engineer

Name: Sannikova Tatyana Gennadevna
Title: Designer

Name: Russkikh Ekaterina Andreevna
Title: Designer

Name: Safronov Sergey Ivanovich
Title: Head of Department “Oil and gas wells drilling”, Gutseriev Institute of Oil and Gas, Udmurt State University