Electronic workbook “Well control during gas, oil, or water kicks”

The electronic workbook is designated to train the personnel of drilling and well servicing companies. The workbook contains structured multimedia material explaining the well control procedures during gas, oil or water kicks.

The workbook consists of 4 chapters.

  1. Pressure fundamentals. This chapter explains the definitions of hydrostatical pressure, pressure resistance, studies the dependence of pressure on various parameters, and demonstrates analogy of the well circular system with U-pipe.
  2. Pressures in well. This chapter considers reservoir and bottomhole pressure, pressure in drilling pipes and in annular space, breakdown pressure, pressure during swabbing or hydraulic impact.
  3. Gas, water or oil kicks. This chapter describes gas, water or oil kicks, their signs. Demonstrates priority actions after kick detection. The behavior of a gas pack in a sealed well is studied.
  4. Killing of gas, water or oil kicks. This chapter studies the selection of proper mud density to kill the kick, permissible pressure while killing the kick, basic principles of killing the kick with balancing the reservoir pressure. It also gives step-by-step description of the driller’s method with analyses of technology and physics of processes.

The animated pages of this workbook show vivid textual and graphic information, which clearly explains all the processes and phenomena as well as their physical sense by using special formulas, calculative examples, diagrams, etc.

The workbook is a part of computer simulator “Detection and killing of gas, water or oil kicks”. Content of workbook can be used in the form of tasks for the automated system of knowledge control “Razvitie”, which provides centralized cooperation of teachers and trainees.